COLORADO – Rocky Mountain Bible College and Seminary has announced that the college and seminary are rebranding as Colorado Biblical University. The school’s new logo is understated, with the name emerging from the pages of a book – the Book! The purple book symbolizes the authority of God’s word over every aspect of CBU’s operations, and reflects the school’s commitment to ensuring that CBU remain completely focused on training up people in the word of God for effective life and ministry service. A new website is underway, and officials expect it to be complete by the end of November, with students enrolling in the rebranded programs starting in January, 2021.

While the new name reflects a commitment to outreach and maximizing student opportunity, there is no change in doctrinal or Biblical commitment. The school remains as committed as ever to (1) the Bible as the authoritative word of God and the foundation of all quality educational endeavors, (2) the consistent use of the literal grammatical historical hermeneutic, (3) a traditional dispensational theological understanding, (4) a solidly grace-based approach, and (5) a willingness to engage any discipline or field of study through the lens of Scripture.

In keeping with those commitments, CBU is working on six major projects to benefit students and graduates:

1. Lower tuition
2. Blended model for live and online course delivery – to build campus population at the main campus (at Englewood Bible Church) and the online campus everywhere.
3. One-on-one student study with a faculty mentor
4. The addition of a doctoral program
5. Revamped branding and an all new website
6. Moving toward accreditation with a Christian accrediting agency.

The Board and administration ask all to prayerfully consider supporting Colorado Biblical University financially as the school engages this transition and strengthens the school for training the next generation of men and women walking with and serving the Lord. Financial gifts may be sent to: Rocky Mountain Bible College and Seminary or Colorado Biblical University (both names work) located at 3190 South Grant Street, Englewood, CO 80113-2605.
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