MISSOURI – Grace Acres Press founder and publisher Anne Fenske and Exegetica Publishing CEO Cathy Cone are pleased to announce that the two publishers have established a merger, with Grace Acres Press to operate as an imprint of Exegetica Publishing. Anne Fenske noted that “in the new joint structure, Exegetica Publishing will focus primarily on textbooks and academic works to support formal Biblical education, while Grace Acres Press will continue its commitment to Biblically solid resources at every level.” In the new structure, Fenske will serve as the Executive Vice President of Exegetica.

Cathy Cone welcomes the opportunity to work with Fenske: “Anne’s skill and experience are incredible. I am excited to work with her and learn from her. We are so thankful for this opportunity.” Exegetica’s founder, Dr. Christopher Cone, is excited at the timing of the venture, saying that “the partnership will allow both publishers to come together to maximize their impact.” Cone added that “with AgathonEDU’s shared services model supporting both Grace Acres Press and Exegetica, we expect to see the number of publications increase dramatically in coming years, as we share the all-important mission of promoting the growth of those seeking to follow Christ.” While the two publishers and their leaders are doctrinally and philosophically aligned, they have found another very important point of commonality: the use of the Oxford comma. As readers benefit from Grace Acres Press and Exegetica in this new partnership, readers can count on a consistent use of the Oxford (serial) comma, but more importantly, a diligent commitment to Biblically sound publications and helpful resources.

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