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Martin Cochran, M. Ed.
CBUA Faculty

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Geometry – BJU Press

Taught by Martin Cochran, MATH0801 – Geometry / This course is a requirement for senior high general education diploma and a prerequisite for dual enrollment College Algebra course. Geometry will involve the student to the use of theorems, constructs, logic, proofs, and critical thinking that are common and necessary for mathematical (geometric) and real-world success.

CBUA Dual Enrollment Program

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205 S. 8th St., Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501  816-885-5534

Degree Program

Program – Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Transformative Learning and Leadership – 60 hours

Course – PHIL7101 Comparative Worldview and Systems of Interdisciplinary Thought – 3 hours

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Tuition: $253 ($84.33 per credit hour x 3 credit hours)

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