With a few shining exceptions, educational systems are broken. From K-12 to higher education, the education system is mission-challenged, inaccessible, financially unsustainable, inefficient, and increasingly mistrusted. Many well-intentioned institutions and educators are finding themselves incapable of effectively pursuing their missions because of the crippling obstacles in their path. From snowballing regulation, increasing cost of personnel and resources, rapid advances in technology, generational and demographic shifts – what it takes to effectively educate the next generation is more difficult to ascertain than ever. Those challenges coupled with traditional institutional paradigms that are notoriously slow to adapt create a recipe for an education system that is decades behind contemporary needs.

Such times of necessity mother many inventors and innovators, and these days are no exception. Many are recognizing that paradigms must change, and some are working very hard to help shape paths for better education.

One such group commissioned for excellence in education is the AgathonEDU Educational Group, LLC. From the Greek agathon, meaning good, the AgathonEDU Educational Group is committed to provide leadership and support structure through a Shared Services Model for its educational partners and for other educators and institutions. The design is to help facilitate an educational model that is a better fit for the needs of today and to build a more agile approach in preparation for the changing needs of tomorrow.

The Shared Services Model allows each member of the AgathonEDU family to focus on its unique mission to support education without having to shoulder all of the operational burdens normally associated with an educational institution. For example, 1024 Marketing handles all marketing needs for the AgathonEDU partners, so that Vyrsity, Colorado Biblical University, and other educational partners don’t have to worry about this part of infrastructure and related expenses. After the AgathonEDU partners’ marketing needs are met, 1024 Marketing is able to serve other businesses and ministries through fractional marketing services to help those entities improve quality and decrease expenses.

Likewise, EDUThrift (AgathonEDU’s partner online thrift retailer) brings quality overstock, new, and secondhand items to people who need them, and 10% of all EDUThrift profits go directly to students of all ages who demonstrate worthiness and need. Exegetica Publishing and Grace Acres Press serve as publishers committed to supporting quality education and educators. AgathonEDU’s Shared Services Model helps ensure sustainability for each of the AgathonEDU partners, so that high quality education can be more efficient and far less costly than ever before.

AgathonEDU and several of our partners are headquartered at the Vyrsity Innovation Center in Fort Dodge, Iowa. For information on investing in AgathonEDU or any of its partners, please Contact Us.

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AgathonEDU makes (1) dependably high-quality, (2) efficiently delivered, and (3) sustainable education (4) more accessible to Learners.

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