MISSOURI – Named for the exhortation to readers in Hebrews 10:24, 1024 Marketing will provide fractional marketing to AgathonEDU subsidiaries and to external entities. 1024 Marketing provides companies access to an experienced marketing team to help build their brands without having to maintain the burden of supporting a full marketing team. 1024 Marketing offers (1) branding analyses to assess inventory and investment in current branding and alignment with mission and values,

1024 Marketing provides fractional marketing for businesses, ministries, schools, churches and other organizations.

(2) logo design and redesign, (3) SEO for developing organic traffic, (4) marketing plans including digital marketing, and new and old media marketing, (5) web design, implementation, and management, (6) graphic design, images, and documents to help you connect with your target audience, and (7) evaluation, development, and assessment of your marketing strategy to help you implement a plan to develop your brand.

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